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The world as we know it is changing, and as our industries evolve, our leadership must evolve as well. Old models are no longer effective in our changing landscape full of ambiguity and uncertainty. Leaders must be able to tap into the wisdom and energy of their team to create shared vision and guide the team towards a common goal.

Encouraging the heart of the entire team is a transformative process that starts with you as the leader. Doing so requires emotional intelligence, an ability to listen deeply, and an agile approach to learning. Yet with the rise of big data, leaders can quickly become overwhelmed, unfocused, or overly data-driven. Leaders need to be able to understand all the information available, while not losing sight of their intuition and empathy. Finding a balance allows raw data and information overload to transform into wisdom in action.

If you are leading an organization during this pivotal time, expand your capacity and effectiveness by making use of a professional coach.



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" I would tell someone thinking about this to absolutely do it and to really appreciate the journey; enjoy the exploration; get ready to really achieve something that will impact you professionally and personally; and be prepared to be transformed. "

− Rachael Tyler, Providence Service Corp, Bangor ME

"The most immediate results of coaching were better relationships. I really made an effort to reach out to others and encourage them, thank them for a job well done, handling things quickly, etc. And fairly soon after, I felt the same appreciation and encouragement was given to me in return. This alone genuinely helped foster better relationships, and made addressing issues/providing assistance in the future, easier."

− Jessica Schichler, American HomePatient, Brentwood TN

" The major business goal that this helped me to achieve was the profitability of the program of which I was then serving as director.... While I was going through the coaching process, my region was able to continually outperform the more aggressive profitability targets each month and the profitability of the program continued to increase month after month. This accomplishment was due in no small part to my work in and growth through coaching. "

− Andy Kitzmiller, Camelot Care Centers, Kingsport TN

" I am often reminded and encouraged by this experience about the importance of being in the present and illuminating my leadership style and qualities with integrity and confidence in and outside the office."

− Toby McCarthy, Providence Community Services, Santa Ana CA

" The most immediate results were an increase in self-accountability regarding the steps I was taking toward my objectives for Maine. While I am very goal driven, Laurie’s coaching helped me to break my goals into clear steps and encouraged me to set clear action plans for achievement. It worked. "

− Bart Beattie, VP Providence Human Services, Brunswick ME

"This is an experience that only a small number of people ever get to experience on this level. It has been truly enriching and rewarding... I anticipate that the insights gained through the nine months of coaching will stay with me for a lifetime and that I will be able to coach others in much the same way that I have been coached. "

− Rick Mitchell, Family Preservation Services, VA


Frequently Asked Questions

What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is a one-on-one relationship focused on self-identified areas for reflection and growth. Coaches hold the space and guide participants to consider alternative perspectives, challenge preconceptions and be personally aware of and accountable for their actions.

How does coaching work?

Coaching on an average ranges 3-9 month process- some more, some less- with a distinct beginning, middle and ending checkpoints. Sessions are conducted by phone or video conferencing. Our sessions are structured by a series of tools and resources to assist your growth. These activities and frameworks are proven to work, as well provide a common language for leaders and their coaches.

What does coaching require of me?

Coaching requires a commitment of your time, energy, honesty and authenticity. It’s not all feel-good work- our coaches are here to challenge and push you to be your best.

How do I get started?

Your coaching journey begins with picking up the phone. We’ll discuss your coaching needs and preferences and set up a free 30 minute consultation to answer all questions and make sure the fit is right.



Your coaching journey always begins with a complimentary consultation. This helps to determine if we’re the right fit for your needs, as well as an idea of the general scope of work.

After discussing your needs, we’ll determine either a package fee or an hourly rate.

Call (410) 989-1230 or fill out our contact form to schedule your free consultation today.