We help you make big things happen.

The organizations and companies that we work with are changing the world- and we are thrilled to be a part of that process. Our mission is to help amazing brands communicate complex ideas quickly in a way that’s fun and engaging.

Simplicity Metrics offers a full range of communication, design, strategy and technology services to help you reach the right audience with the right message at the right time.

In an age in which people are inundated with web content, it is critical to engage and invest your target audience in new, meaningful and exciting ways. We can also help you adapt to new technology so that it helps rather than hinders your organization.

For data and technology challenges, we’ll help you understand and define your goals, and then build custom solutions around your priorities. You’ll work with real live (and really nice) human beings who are excited to assist your organization and ensure that you are completely satisfied.

What Our Clients Have to Say About Us:


"Simplicity Metrics understands the substance of our policy research, and they know how to communicate it effectively. They are easy to work with. They deliver what we need when we need it."

− Neil L. Bergsman, Director, Maryland Budget & Tax Policy Institute

"The staff at Simplicity Metrics are creative, collaborative and easy to work with. They have helped our organization understand the power of visualizing our data, and their widely-shared infographic has helped our site get over 10,000 likes on Facebook."

− Jo Comerford, Executive Director, National Priorities Project

"Simplicity Metrics has a real gift for making data meaningful and integrating technology and design. Most firms can do one or the other, but it is rare to find a group that can do it all."

− Heather Iliff, Director, Maryland Nonprofits Consulting Group

"We were delighted with how quickly and beautifully Simplicity Metrics created an engaging, innovative presentation (think Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother). And their professionalism and commitment to every detail of the process was wonderfully reassuring. But most remarkable? Their active listening and thoughtful strategic advice that allowed us to think more creatively about our educational objectives. These folks aren’t just technically savvy communication experts, they are also educators who know how to explain and empower."

− Sara Collina, Health Policy Consultant, Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute

"Working with Simplicity Metrics adds real value to the information we want to communicate to the community. A partner that can translate data into more accessible formats and presentations makes our work- whether it’s building partnerships, informing the public and policymakers, or seeking funding- much more effective."

− Nancy Lewin, Director of Health Policy and Communications, Howard County Health Department

"The Simplicity Metrics consultant we worked with is an impressive relations adviser; she is enjoyable to be with, skilled at finding core messages and a mentor for interpersonal communications. In just a few hours she helped us improve our website, coached us on exploring our idea with critics and helped us uncover our true goal, ‘Better Internet for All’. We look forward to learning more from Simplicity Metrics as we grow!"

− Phil Gapp, Community Wide Web

"Simplicity Metrics does just what they say: Make complex data simple and relatable. I work with clients to distill strategy and policy issues for a variety of audiences, and Simplicity Metrics has proven to be a valuable partner in translating our messages into compelling visuals and polished, professional presentations."

− Stephanie Devitt, SDK Communications

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