Using Animation & Visuals To Tell Your Story

Whether you’re trying to get through to customers, staff, or the community, your organization has something to say.

Making it stick can be tricky.

Below are three case studies of how organizations are investing in visuals and animations to quickly communicate their story in an engaging manner.

Save The Boundary Waters: Remember The Loon

The Challenge

As an environmental issue campaign, this group’s mission is to connect citizens with information and actions they can take to make a difference. In order to help quickly explain the complicated threats facing this environmental treasure, Save the Boundary Waters turned to Simplicity Metrics to create visuals, infographics, animation, brochures, and social media graphics.

The Results

One month after launching their explainer video on Facebook it had been viewed over 80,000 times. The video went on to win awards for Best Advocacy Video and the Telly Award for Best Environmental video. Advocates locally and across the country used visuals to boost awareness, gain support and pressure policy makers. Significant local and federal policy initiatives have moved to protect the Boundary Waters as a national treasure.

Universal: Celebrating Employee Achievement

The Challenge

Universal Home Entertainment is doing big things — and they wanted to thank and celebrate the successes of their talented staff as a way to kick off an employee event.

The Solution

Highlighting iconic Universal characters and imagery, we developed a video around their “Uniquely Universal” theme to both celebrate the team’s success and start their event on a high note. In fact, the video was so successful, Universal has continued to update it with new 2015 imagery and use it for multiple events.

PAEA: Empower & Encourage

The Challenge

The Physician Assistants Education Association was holding an unprecedented event for its members: Lobbying on Capitol Hill in the nation’s capitol. But they needed to recruit their members to actually show up in order for the event to be a success.

The Solution

We drew their members as the (super)heroes they are, exerting great power and responsibility without breaking a sweat. The animation reminded members that the lobbying will be meaningful, achievable and even fun.

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